The author Studied at the LEIDEN UNIVERSITY and was detached by the Dutch government to teach at the European School at Luxemburg. He prepared students for the European Baccalaureate in the subjects: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
As "Fullbright"-teacher he taught Mathematics and Physics at Seattle USA. He got thirteen years ago "Menieres Disease"

     A vertigo attack happens all of a sudden.  This means that all of a sudden the cupula in one of the semicircular canals is pulled to one side. This can just happen because of surface tension-forces. That means : there is a liquid surface : an air bubble filling up the utricle and bulging into the entrance of the semi circular canal reaching the cupula which is suddenly pulled partly into the airbubble.

     As there is no area where endolymph is produced or absorbed, the stretching of the Reissner membrane is of course a result of the growing airbubble!

     The Reissner membrane pulls the Corti organ so that sensory cells don't get enough blood and die resulting in hearing loss. Everytime there is a vertigo attack there is also further hearing loss.

What to do?

     If a vertigo attack occurs : breathe vigorously and deeply in and out through the nose : Within half a minute the attack will be aborted.
     The nice thing about this is, firstly to get rid of the attack, but also that the progression of getting deaf, stops! 

I'm almost complete deaf at my left ear and 50% right. This did not change in the last nine years!

Explanation :
     Because of the vigorous deep nose breathing, the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity cool considerably (evaporation costs much heat) and so does the venous blood of and under the membranes. This venous blood cools arterial blood that is on its way to the inner ear. A part of the air in the bubble will go back into solution. Water vapor in the first place because the saturation pressure of water vapor goes down quicker by lowering the temperature, than the pressure of dry gas .

     The bubble withdraws from the cupula. With air in the utricle we feel still a bit dizzy when we move our head.

     Right after the vertigo has gone and we turn our head e.g quickly to the right we see the room quickly moving to the left. If we turn our head to the left everything is normal; we do not see the room moving to the right. This means the bubble that is still there works as a valve. The liquid in the semi-circular canal can just move in one direction. This proves the bubble theory to be right.

     Another proof could be a standard CT Scan of the temporal bone. If you had this scan already, please ask your radiologist to have another look at the results to detect air. I would be glad if you would report on this to me by email :

     In 1999 I wrote in the org forum about this vigorous deep nose-breathing. The results was that many have sent me an email to say "thank you". No doubt many had never a serious attack again. But some problems remained : the disease was still here : days of good hearing alternating days of bad hearing as we all know.

     This year I found why these changes occur and why  we have sometimes "brainfog"! (memory loss).

     In the second part of this website you will find how this is possible and what to do about it. What to do to keep hearing optimal and even never again a beginning of a vertigo attack! The end of the meniere disease, the end of progress in getting deaf or having "brainfog".

     Similar Parkinson and Alzheimer patients know of good days and bad days. 

     With meniere, hearing cells are destroyed, also cells of our equilibrium organ and memory cells. 

     With Parkinson cells of the brain die : first of the substantia nigra lessening the production of dopamine (a neurotransmitter).

With Alzheimer the breakdown of cells at the end everywhere in the brain : smaller volume of the brain but bigger volume of the ventricles!

Maybe all these diseases are due to airbubble forming and   could be treated similarly.

The above and what follows in the second part is a short summery, of course much more can be said about the disease and cure. 

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